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Kate Louise Overnight 7m in Eye Blink Forum

This is short and sweet today.

GREAT news is here for us researchers of truth!! A new resource of supposedly fact checked information is now becoming available for those who surf the web for information on such things as: platypuses, electrons, apple trees, sparkplugs, and the meaning of life.

A lot of us did quick dips into Wikipedia for our instant knowledge- but now we can just go to a site whose first name is knowledge: Knowledge Standards Foundation powered by Mighty Cause. Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, (recently resigned) is one of many self- organizers of this newly minted (2019) information resource- all having high minds and educational degrees and/or professional top-drawer experience to match the weight of their brains.

The idea behind their ideas is to draw your attention to their global connection to all the encyclopedic knowledge out there in the free open-source web. You are going to need a bigger head to carry around that larger brain you will be experiencing from all the facts they will be and are providing, At their websites: and, and they impress upon us that one of the most crucial goals of their foundation, is to decentralize encyclopedia articles and provide those of us who are hungry for them "credible views on every subject." To take a direct quote from Encyclosphere:

"We will take proactive and extensive steps to ensure neutrality in all respects." They intend not to politicize their information, nor favor one faith over an other. nor nationality, nor language, in their quest to link worldwide knowledge for the benefit of global insight into the free expression of thoughtful contributions to the human experiment. They invite you to take a looksee. So I'll just leave it there, as this new expansive EXCITING universe is waiting our cranial digestion. So, take a deep breath and jump in!

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