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When you enter a room full of strangers, like at a party that your new next door neighbor throws for her boss, you feel awkward, or anyway I do. You move along the wall and work yourself toward the refreshments.Holding  a carrot with dip in your hand somehow makes you feel more comfortable, more like a human being, as opposed to a newly arrived alien. You look around to see if you can establish eye contact with someone in the room, and when you do you hope you can start a conversation that  won’t cause eye rolling or the “excuse me, I  have to take this emergency call” exit line.
So, awkward is what I  feel right now, as I enter this world wide web of strangers, who may or may not find what I offer of some interest. While looking for refreshments  at a worlde wide web party( a bowl of popcorn is working for me right now), I search for contact with readers, those illusive discerning, critical creatures who have read so much that one more bit of non-essential  prose can be annoying. So much is written by so many lately. Thoughts on record. Like archeological bits of rock,our words pepper the present hopefully to be found hundreds of years from now by anthropological researchers trying to understand just who we 21st century creatures were.
I think that is why we write as much as we do. We want our succeeding generations to understand us as precisely as possible, to inform them of what our lives were like, to help them understand why we made the mistakes we made, why we created the things we created, why they now live the way they do because of what we did or did not do.
When our successors sit in front of their computers in the 22nd century, it will be the simplest thing for them to download all the 21st century blogs and piece together a composite of a civilization based on the multitude of experiences from a multitude of writers from all over the earth.That is if the servers don’t eventually crash.
EyeBlink Press hopes  to contribute to their understanding.

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