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A Poem by Cat Coplan


Muffled words arise from sleeping lips

Sealed inside a world of levels

Navigating scenes that seem alive

But lack a thoughtful presence.

Concrete skin that moves so little

Trying hard to reform its purpose

He can’t leave where he is standing

He can't move from where he's laying.

Laughter, falling, talking riddles

Where is the real and its companions?

Should he stay there and look for housing

Or return to what he thinks he knows.

There is no "slow" in his dimensional toolbox

So he feels a jump or bounding feeling

And finds himself in a bed somewhere

His senses full of feeling, just reclining in a bed.

His eyes pop open to see his other world

His lamps, and sheets and remote control

His books, and rugs, and view of trees

His robe and watch and life companion.

He blinks to see if he can return to where he was

A glimpse of what he was doing slips away

He reaches to document his journey

But then his grasp of it is gone. Gone.

Not like a trip to mountains or Disney

Or biking, or dining, or playing his cello

No senses were present or used

No memory of it. But sight!

A vision of sorts unlike any other

A feeling of seeing; of knowing what he saw

Did he bring his optic nerve to the other side

Or could he call on some other sense of seeing?

Eyeblinks, eyeblinks, eyeblinks, then squeeze

Shaking his head to clear the way for clearness

Two worlds living side by side and sleep

The only way to move back and forth.

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Per Dr. Mary Neal

Just a quick note on Dr.Neal's interview with Matt Lauer today regarding Dr. Neal's Near Death Experience, which she writes in her new book "To Heaven and Back". Apparently brain dead for approximately 15 + minutes(brain can only take lack of oxygen for up to 4 minutes), she stated she experienced a place that was populated by light beings, angels, and that she felt the presence of Jesus Christ, even though she could  not describe them physically, as in did they have blond hair or a large nose, for example.

She was asked if she were "spiritual", and she said that her life had been too busy with her profession and family life for her to pay attention to that aspect of her life. Question a friend asked me about this:" does that mean that maybe we don't have to commit to an earth-based church, but just live a good life of giving, working hard, loving, sharing?. Doesn't it mean that 'God' is just there waiting, helping, guiding when necessary? Aren't we mostly self directional? Don't we inherently know what  is good, and not  good?"

Or my question, as Dr. Neal, assumedly was at one time associated, maybe as a child, with a philosophy through a religion to which she aspired Did she gather from this association with an organized seed religion, life's "how to live a  civil life" rules?

Got to buy the book, I suspect, to find out.

Food for thought, I thought.

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