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Eyeblink Press will seek to add to the dialogue that the "I" has with the "We".

In an eyeblink, EyeBlink Press has taken on a more serious tone than intended. This Blog was meant to be one person's attempt to document what  I see in my world, so that  others who see the same will collect their information and piece together mine with theirs to then assemble a part of the human puzzle known as "Who Are We?", a question that visionary scientist, Gregg Braden, states in his 2011 Book: Deep Truth, is the "root of all questions".

But then I didn't see any other way to figure out the " who" of the root question unless I turned the microscope on myself. But, again, that feels awkward, because the "I" of me is also the "we" in "who are we"?( Can't blame you if you just left the room!) So, does investigating myself and my own private experiences have any impact or effect on the whole human experience?

The eye blinks so fast, at a rate of 300-400 milliseconds. Just before it closes, the eye as an extension, sensor for the brain, captures an image of what it sees, i.e., our living room, the inside of our car, the road ahead, the face of a loved one, a piece of art, our hospital room, a stranger at our front door. We are never certain, when we think about it, that what we just saw will be there when we un-blink or open our eyes again.

EyeBlink Press wants to explore that rapid change, that perception of fast moving images,. It wants to understand what the "I" sees, what the "We" sees, through stories, research and personal perceptions.

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