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Can we ever get out of here?

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Is it New Years yet? Nope it's still 2021!!! Darn! The Christmas lights are long gone from 2020- another year we'd like to forget. Those lights meant a lot to most of us. They meant a vacation from stress, a time of goodness, a time of giving. Now here we are again entering into another holiday season looking for joyful times, wondering "what gives?"

We are in more trouble with terrorism, stock market volatile, Covid 19 still lingering its spike protein head, the sea is rising, social norms are antisocial, morality is quaking, the oil is being sucked out of the earth just so we can drive around in our cars, the earth part of the earth is subsiding, and the good people are having a hard time finding each other to combat the bad.

So, the good people say to themselves: "maybe we should leave, because we can't fix the people or the planet fast enough. A few get to go into orbit, but the rocket is too small for all of us to exit stage left.

Ok, but let's go anyway. But where?  says the nearest planet to our earth is Proxima Centauri, which is 4.2 lite years away. Using our current spacecraft it would take a few space nomads about 50,000 years to get there.

Michio Kaku talks about time travel in this youtube:  Is there a way out for us goodies ?

This avenue may not be the most expedient, but worthy of thought. Let's figure this out. We only use a small portion of our brain. Perhaps that's because it is being saved for the bigger ideas. Let's pay attention to the bigger ideas!! Stay tuned.

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