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  • Kate Louise Overnight


I am so lucky to have friends send me awesome utube videos of fantastic pictures of nature, animals, bugs, birds, mountains, rivers, seas, dolphins, lions, hummingbirds. Fabulous, luscious photos of our beautiful planet.

What I’ve noticed is that very few, if any, show people in the scenes.

So, to me, the troubling thought that we are not part of the beauty in our world. We are not the creator of natural beauty. We are the observers of the beauty. Witnesses of the beauty. That’s all.

What our purpose, it seems to me, is to create what we think, feel, see, smell, sense as our very own concepts of beauty. We build amazing buildings, We create amazing vehicles. We conjure up ideas that become Ipads, Droids, 3 D printing, and medical miracles.  We help humans who are suffering. We create art. We make music. We do so many things that mother nature cannot do.

And we do all this while living on this changing, evolving, amazing planet. It’s as if there are two life forms trying to live in synchrony. The earth has its own life. We have our own life. The earth will try to kill us, innocently(methinks), in its normal process of spinning, on its axis, revolving around our sun, as our entire solar system plummets through space.

We humans have not yet had the collective awareness that we cling to this planet through gravity. We have no sense that, if we weren’t traveling so fast through space, we would be flung off the planet. Gravity is our friend. The planet is aware of itself (methinks) and stares at us through its various species,i.e, its trees, animals,fish, flowers, rocks, wind, earth, wondering how to talk to us, and, even, how to rid itself of our need to breed, create, suck the earth’s resources dry; all to keep us alive. And we seem to have this ego, that the earth needs our creations, our help.

Yes, it does, but only because we are in a constant state of "payback" to the earth, for all we have siphoned from its resources. We are figuring out how to pay it back, while, at the same time, we are trying to invent machines and systems that replace what we’ve destroyed or overused. See RoboBee(to help us pollinate because all of our bees are dying). See Artificial limbs for Veterans. See how Genetically Modified Seeds(GMOs) feed our masses, because we can't produce enough food for the burgeoining earth population.

EYEBLINK PRESS suggests that so much is happening so fast in our lives, that we have little time to be aware of the multiple changes taking place in our human lives. We stop often to stare in awe at our TV screens looking at the  weather, the fires, the floods, the epidemics, because the TV presents them as HUGE ,CONSTANT events, which are almost impossible not to notice.

And these HUGE events overwhelm us, and start up conversations of doomsday, starvation, thirst, bug infestations, plagues, floods. We can't get out of our own way in avoiding all the natural disasters.

But our attention has to  be on what humans are good at...creating, solving problems. Our media needs to run stories on how we  have managed to  live on this  small planet well. We are connecting better with each other through our electronic inventions, social  networks. We are learning that we  enjoy hearing how others figure out their problems. We are trying to gert out of the "enabling" business. We want everyone to figure out how to survive, then learn to live democratically, then work to eat, work to create, work to learn about this awesome place we live.

Some groups are trying to find a way for all of us to space travel. Some are trying to create time travel machines. soke are trying to figure out what life is like in the after life. Is it all connected? Can we change evil? Can we contain ourselves from the constant urge to create more babies? For just a little while. We need a rest. We need to think out our  next steps.

But until we perfect these technologies, we have to figure out how to live here best. Yes, even to laugh at our predicament. Do what we do best...Create a way to help us all, Create a way for all of us to help.

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