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  • Kate Louise Overnight

WHY ARE HUMANS HERE? An interview with a Flea Market Vendor

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

This gentlemen gave a narrative on why Humans are here. He is recovering from blockage in both carotid arteries. He says his life and health and understanding of why we humans are here is because of his life threatening physical issue. Once a pawn broker, handiman, flea market vendor, landscape mechanic, and now a gardener and advisor to others who are physically challenged, he offers these insights.

"We are human to record the unique path this planet took. We are here to record and gather for the Gods of the known universe. They see and feel because we are here. Without us humans to seek the past and feel the present what would any of it mean to any being anyway. Our capable ways of perception and recoding and continuation of historic events is very unique and singular. We step forward and back at will. We kill and we nurture and torture and heal all with the same breath. We are not like anything else and exactly like everything else all at the same time.

We  are going in circles and  expanding the grip we have on thought. We cannot be halted from betterment and pushed toward hindu-like concepts.

Centuries ago, man was very barberic. And though still barbaric, we tend to hone the knife toward kindness.  We are here to change into what we all really want; peaceable kinder more thoughtful human beings. . . . We need less reflecting and more maintaining. We have it in ourselves to grow kinder and one way is to heal with organic food and get away from sickening slop.

Once humankind is healthy and strong the ease forward will be simple and swift. . . . When mankind falls into a healthy  path, the end result will be the answer to the reason we are here. And the answer is to heal up. . . . a dawn of growth, a dawn of clear minded open hearts."

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