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WHY ARE HUMANS HERE? An interview with Al


Al"I have no purpose, I was forced to be here.

Al was told that when the sperm hits the egg, it takes about 96 hours to form what or who you will become. The two cells (sperm and egg) become one cell (the Zygote), which takes approximately 24 hours to form, after which it begins to divide into two, then four,then 8 cells..Not until the  formation of 8 cells does this entity become who you  are going to be.

Al's Response:

"that's because we are still fighting not to become that person, not to be born that person, not to be born, period!"

"The 300 million plus sperm", al says, "help guard the weakest sperm to get him topeirce the calling egg. Yes, the egg calls the sperm when there are sperm to be had. Nobody thinks about that", Al says. The sperm would happily not want to form the zygote. . .  they just like to play awhile then die . . . but, oh no, the mother egg calls them, so they fight to die, telling the weakest sperm that everything is kosher(Al is jewish), go ahead, pierce the egg."

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