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Updated: Jun 12, 2023

HELLO, CURIOUSITY SEEKERS. This is more than anything a general inquiry while I try and research the research on this topic. What I have been thinking about lately is simply this, and I am not quite certain how to phrase it properly: Why is it that when each of us in the company of another person that we are seeing the same things around us. For example, all of us go to a movie and all of us see the same thing on the movie screen. Isn't that weird? Why should I be able to see the same things you are seeing?

Aren't we separate entities? Wouldn't it stand to reason that there is some type of universal mental connection that enables us to see the outside world at the same time and in the same way? Why should I be able to watch a news program and see the same thing that  my neighbor is seeing if he is watching the same program in his house, on this TV? How is that synchronous observation occurring ?  I am looking for help on this question. It seems like one of those obvious visual miracles that goes unquestioned. Another example: I walk outside and meet three friends for coffee.

We all sit down at a table. We all just know that the chairs we are sitting in are chairs; the coffees we are drinking are coffee in cups. Together, as humans with eyes, we  recognize together that we are looking at the same things.  We don't mention it to each other; we just know together what we are seeing, and using. We collectively know that the things we are using are the cups, the table, the chairs, the food. We all intuitively know that the objects we see, we all understand together what  they are. Isn't that phenomenal? I need help in figuring this out. The obvious is the most mysterious.

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